Daily Contests


Movie Monday – Win a pair of Grand Theater movie tickets during Bryan & Momma! They’ll play movie trivia during the 6, 7, and 8 o’ clock hours! Listen up and win!


Battle of the Sexes – A male and female listener go head to head to answer questions about the opposite sex. The winner gets a Chick-Fil-A Diberville Party Pack valued at OVER $25! It includes a small catering tray! The runner up walks away with a Kicker Shirt!


Beat the Toaster – You’ll have 8 seconds to name off five things in a certain category! Like, “Things That Smell Rotten.” The winner gets a special prize from the Beau Rivage! (Show Tickets, Buffet Passes, Etc.)


Lick That Lyric – At the top of the 7 and 8 o’ clock hours, Bryan & Momma will recite a lyric. If you’re caller 8 and correctly identify the lyric with the title and artist, you win a $25 gift card from Sumo’s Japanese Steak House and Sushi in Biloxi !


Grab Bag Friday – Every Friday, we start out with six bags. Listeners start off the day with their choice of the six bags, as the day progresses the number of bags decrease until they’re all gone! You can win anything from concert tickets, to CDs, to gag gifts!